Hip-hop has long won its solid place in show business and musical culture, giving the world excellent music and performers as well as proving its right to be a separate independent genre and direction. Love has got a special place in the hip-hop universe, becoming its inspiration and source of power, just like Russian wives for their beloved husbands. LL Cool J took the first big step in this direction when thirty-five years ago he released “I Need Love,” telling about being a lonely superstar. Today, many people are searching for the best hip-hop songs to soundtrack the day of lovers. This genre of music has one very important peculiarity – it knows how to make it clear that your feelings are real, and your passions aren’t an empty shell. Below you will find twenty great hip-hop songs about love, which will especially come in handy if you decide to arrange a romantic date.

1. Kendrick Lamar ft Zacari “Love”

Everyone wants to know that a partner loves them and accept just as they are. When it’s about love, it doesn’t matter how much money you have on your bank account, does it? When you meet the right person, you can immediately understand that this is your one and only. It isn’t about casual sex but a committed relationship. Even the most brutal man becomes gentle when it’s about love.

2.Future “Incredible”

Many people have trust issues when they have already got through toxic relationships. You start asking yourself, “Is she the one?” It’s quite difficult to decide to plunge into something new. However, sometimes, when a pretty botty appears on the horizon, it is possible to change your plans if a woman is really incredible.

3.Kanye West Ft Charlie Wilson “Bound 2”

Sometimes even the guys with the most awful reputation don’t mind falling in love with a girl. You don’t remember when you met and what you were doing, but in fact, it doesn’t really matter if both of you get pleasure. Some people believe that they aren’t created for serious relationships, but one day, they realize that they have already been dating for several months, and they don’t have a desire to cheat on their partner.

4.Fabolous Ft Ne-Yo “Make Me Better”

Do you know what is the main difference between toxic and healthy relationships? In a toxic relationship, one or both partners try to destroy each other, while people who have healthy relationships make each other only better. If you don’t want to be Batman and Robin with your partner, then maybe they are not your soulmate.

5.Slick Rick “Teenage Love”

What can be better than teenage love? It’s sincere, it’s full of meaning and, at the same time, of many problems. Young people face many challenges, and their love can become just another obstacle. And if this is not true love, you shouldn’t better deal with it at all. Don’t waste your time on inappropriate people but follow the sun.

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